New Products

Paradigm Science Inc is proud to offer new and unique ingredients for the Personal Care and Cosmetics Industry keeping with the latest trends and trend setting formulas.

The Nio-Series line of active ingredients is based on “Niosome” technology, the most advanced skin delivery system. Natural active molecules, with a well-known biochemical mechanism of action at the level of skin cells, are encapsulated into small elastic vesicles. The elasticity of the vesicles enhances skin penetration increasing the bio-availability into the skin and ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Nio-Age is the anti-age complex that delays the process of skin aging defending cells from oxidative metaoblism and photo-aging at multiple levels. Due to a specific composition (Phloretin, Punica Granatum Seed Extract and Magnolol/Honokiol), Nio-Age fights free radicals, regulates inflammation, inhibits lipoxygenase and cycloxigenase. It reduces elastase and collagenase activity preventing degradation of dermal matrix components responsible for wrinkles, skin laxity and fragility.

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