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Paradigm Science Inc is proud to offer new and unique ingredients for the Personal Care and Cosmetics Industry keeping with the latest trends and trend setting formulas.

Eucoolan™, a natural botanical ingredient manufactured by Sk bioland, inhibits the expression of IR-induced genes, anti-thermal aging and cooling effect on heat-induced skin surface temperature.  Clinical trials have determined Eucoolan™ is an anti-inflammatory, restores dermal matrix relating genes damaged by UV, and activates collagen synthesis relating genes.  This cooling effect stabilizes skin temperature allowing for the body to maintain homeostasis, in hot or cold temperatures.  Eucoolan™ is water soluble and can be incorporated in any gel, balm, spray, or emulsion.

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BIO-CellularGEL™ is a microfibrillated cellulose derived from bacterial cellulose using an environmental-friendly process. It is a multidimensional sensory enhancer based on Sol-Gel transition and contains high moisturizing efficacy.  BIO-CellularGEL™ provides formula stability and increased viscosity, providing a soft and smooth feeling on the skin as well as anti-pollution and UV protection effect.

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