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Paradigm History

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Headquartered in Annandale, New Jersey, USA, Paradigm Science was founded in 2003.


In January 2016, Paradigm entered a strategic partnership with TC-USA, Inc. when TC-USA acquired a majority share in Paradigm Science.  TC-USA Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Charles Tennant & Company (Canada) Limited, a division of the UK based Tennants Consolidated Limited.  This alliance provides Paradigm with global resources to help better serve our customers.


Paradigm is noted for its distribution of world-class manufacturers including the products of Naturalis, Hyundai Bioland, Gelest, The Upcycled Beauty Company, Granula, Saint-Gobain and TC-USA Inc. (comprised of the Zenitech and TCL Innovations brands). 




"Our main focus is to provide customers with inventive, technical and sustainable ingredients that will make them more competitive in their respective marketplaces.  We consistently strive to support our customers unique needs for innovative, new raw materials".

                                                                                   President / CEO, - Mike Manning 


By maintaining the highest standards, including those for customer support and technical expertise, both Paradigm Science and our partners are able to meet the unique needs of our customers.  Success is defined each time one of our customers exceeds their market expectations.


Contact us today for more information on how we can help you with your formulation requirements.

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